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3 Popular Types of Sandblasting Carbide Nozzles and the Appropriate Applications

Successful sandblasting depends on various factors with the most important one being the choice of sandblaster nozzle. You might have the necessary sandblasting skills, but if you do not have the right nozzle, then your project will appear amateurish. Sandblaster nozzles are typically made from carbide material due to the material's long-lasting property. It is especially the case if you use aggressive abrasives like aluminium oxide or silicon carbide. Besides, carbide nozzles are also effective with less aggressive abrasives since you do not have to replace the tip. Your choice of carbide nozzle will, however, determine how long the nozzle lasts. This article highlights the different types of carbide nozzles that you can choose from for your sandblasting needs. 

1. Tungsten Carbide -- It is the most common nozzle used in sandblasting activities, and it can be attributed to the low cost of the nozzle. The nozzles are sturdy and last anywhere between 20-40 hours of sandblasting action. However, when compared to other types of carbide nozzles, tungsten carbide nozzles rank lowest in terms of durability. Tungsten tends to wear fast, especially when using the most abrasive blasting media like aluminium oxide. Therefore, if you primarily use aluminium oxide, then the tungsten carbide nozzle will not last long, and you will be forced to replace the tip frequently. You can, however, get more from the nozzle type if you use less abrasive media such as glass beads or plastic abrasives. 

2. Boron Carbide Nozzle --The boron carbide nozzle ranks higher than tungsten carbide nozzle concerning durability. You are bound to get more service life since boron carbide nozzles typically last approximately 200-1000 hours of continuous use. However, the nozzles are understandably slightly more expensive than tungsten carbide nozzles. The high cost is, however, more than compensated for by the long service life that you get from the nozzle. If you use both aggressive and less aggressive abrasives regularly, then boron carbide nozzles will likely last longer than the 1000 hours. 

3. Composite Carbide Nozzles -- It is the most expensive of all carbide nozzles for the simple reason that it is the most robust and most durable. The nozzles typically last more than 2000 hours of continuous sandblasting. Therefore, if you want to get the best value in terms of cost per hour of usage, then look no further than composite carbide sandblasting nozzles. Whether your main abrasive media is the highly abrasive aluminium oxide or the least abrasive corn cob grit, composite carbide nozzles guarantee unrivalled long service.

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