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Planning a Party for Your Sports Team? Use Trophies as Fun and Functional Party Decor

If you are planning a party to celebrate the end of a sport season, you may want to consider incorporating trophies into your party decor. It's a great way to underscore that your team is made up of champions, regardless of how your season went, and it looks cool.

Here are five ideas to help get the party started:

1. Trophy-Based Centerpieces

You can make fun table centerpieces out of old or new trophies. The list of possible ideas is virtually endless and limited only by your creativity and time. For example, you could order a large classic cup-shaped trophy, also called a loving cup trophy, and you could fill it with balloons, flowers or other festive elements.

Alternatively, you could find old trophies with small figurines bowling, playing cricket or doing other sports. Then, you can spray paint these trophies a fun bright colour and arrange them into a fun centerpiece design in the middle of your table.

2. Trophy-Inspired Dishes, Cups and More

Don't just let the trophies be part of your party's decorations. Also, consider turning trophies into functional elements of your party. For example, you could use small loving cup trophies as wine glasses or to hold juice if you are planning a party for kids.

Additionally, you could take the pillars from a bunch of trophies and turn them into the pillars on a tiered cake stand.

3. Party Favours

If you want to hand out party favours at the end of your event, consider placing them inside a trophy. Alternatively, if you don't want to use cup trophies, consider using another type of trophy but then tying a bag full of small candies or other party favours to the trophies.

4. Individual Awards

Your sports team may or may not have won regional competitions or league events that resulted in trophies. However, in spite of whether or not your team has been recognised by your league or another entity, you can still create individual awards.

Consider making your end-of-the-year party more fun by investing in a bunch of trophies and giving one to everyone on your team. For example, you could give out awards to the most upbeat player, the player who cheered the most, the player who improved the most, or a range of other categories.

For more fun ideas on how you can use trophies as decorations, functional items, party favours or more at your next end-of-the-season sports party, contact a trophy supplier, such as Full Colour Badges & Trophies.

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